Industrial Grease

Industrial Grease are the lubricants that are especially designed for the small to large scale machines for their smoother working and to reduce the friction in between the component parts to minimize the wearing during high speed relative motions in between the components. These compounds offer excellent performance at high temperatures and pressures.Industrial Grease also provides mechanical stability and outstanding oxidation which make them suitable for the wet as well as dry conditions and also provide good protection against rust and corrosion. They are available in many different grades in various different container sizes.
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AP-3 Grease

Price: 180 INR

Characteristics Test methods Specifications Worked 60 X ASTM D-217 220-250 Worked 100,000 X ASTM D-217 20 of 60 X Drop point, min, C ASTM D-566 180 Corrosion preventive property, rating ASTM D-1743


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